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Terms & Shipping Info + Covid 19 Update



Because of excess delays along with high temperatures across the US, I am currently only shipping to FedEx hubs for pickup rather than door-to-door delivery wherever possible. If you do not have access to a nearby hub and want to try door-to-door anyway, I cannot guarantee live delivery. If your region is especially hot this time of year, I am quite happy to hold your reptile and keep it comfy and well fed until conditions are more favorable. Because Mondays are very high-traffic shipping days, for the 2020 season I would prefer to ship on Tuesdays or Wednesdays for next day delivery.


I accept payments via PayPal or cash-in-hand for local pickup. All payments must be made in full before shipping, and must be in US funds. Please be sure to message/email me *before* attempting to send a payment!


Holds may be available on a case-by-case basis. A deposit of 20% of the retail price of the morph (excluding shipping costs) will hold your order. I will notify you when your order is ready, and the remaining balance will be due within 30 days of that notification. Deposits are nonrefundable unless special arrangements have been made in advance. I reserve the right to deny holds for any reason at any time. Animals are not considered sold until full payment is received, and if the balance remains unpaid after 30 days, they will be made available again for sale.


As with holds, payment plans extending beyond 30 days and trades may be accepted on a case-by-case basis, but are not guaranteed. If you approach me for a trade, I will not ship first. No exceptions.


Next-day shipping is available to the contiguous United States through Ship Your Reptiles or Reptiles2You according to their shipping guidelines. Shipping costs start around $30 and can be upwards of $80 or more for very far distances and larger/heavier boxes. You may contact me for an approximate quote, but the final cost may ultimately be higher or lower. Orders will be packed in styrofoam-insulated shipping boxes, and depending on weather conditions, a heat or cold pack may be added. I will NOT ship if I feel the weather conditions are unsafe for the animal(s). In the event of long-standing bad weather, your order will be held and receive continued care and feeding until it is safe to ship. I will ONLY ship on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Someone MUST be present to accept delivery, or when shipping to a hub it must be staffed and temperature controlled, or ALL guarantees will be void.


Export and delivery to most Canadian provinces is readily available through Reptile Express, but be warned that it is very expensive, especially for a single animal.


Wind Serpents guarantees that animals sold full retail price are voluntarily feeding on frozen/thawed mice, are outwardly healthy, and properly sexed. Unless explicitly stated, all animals sold are produced by Wind Serpents, have had a minimum of four (4) consecutive, unaltered meals, and are to the best of my knowledge free of skeletal and scale imperfections. As a courtesy, I offer a two week (14 day) health guarantee that begins on the date of shipping. I reserve the right to revoke any guarantee due to poor husbandry or insufficient evidence of a physical problem with the animal. If temperament is a concern, it is up to you to let me know and I will do my best to match you with a docile animal. I will generally NOT replace a purchased snake due to disposition (especialy juveniles/hatchlings), as this is something largely out of my control.

Guarantees CANNOT be extended to animals discounted below full retail price due to imperfections or shipments delayed by carriers. If you have ANY concerns about the health of your animal or your husbandry practices, contact me IMMEDIATELY. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you must contact me within 24 hours to make adjustments.


Returns, exchanges, and refunds in the form of credit will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are NOT guaranteed. The buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping fees, and ALL shipping charges are nonrefundable unless your order was incorrectly sexed. Arrangements for replacement or refund will be made AFTER the animal(s) have been returned. In the very unlikely event of a DOA, you must notify me within 6 hours of the package delivery time. Photographic proof may be requested.


It is your responsibility as the buyer to know the laws and regulations surrounding reptile ownership where you live. I will NOT knowingly ship animals to locations that have laws prohibiting the ownership of the reptiles you order from me. I do keep track of general state-wide laws, but it is impossible for me to know your specific county and city ordinances that may place additional restrictions on reptile keeping. Please check with your local Department of Fish and Wildlife before placing an order.